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Help A BABY Today‚Äč


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Back to the Groove

Posted on 5 September, 2012 at 22:50 Comments comments ()
Well school time has arrived and Grace is slipping back into the mold like a well worn shoe. Loves the teacher, and has already got her first 100%
Also  The girls  needed some meds  on the weekend but the pharmacist OC could not make them, it was a good thing no one got hurt, ..or so I thought, that night Hope got a weird pinched nerve in her arm ! she couldn't move it, and it swelled up like a bowling pin!!! I was so frantic not knowing what had caused this injury, and what exactly the injury was. The next day, the actual pharmacist  and i got to talking about how dangerous it is to not have access to the girls' meds (especially in an emergency). So he asked if the girls could take pills, well of course they could, their Florinef medicine is small pills, i said, so he gave me a bottle of Cortef (The PILLs) for each of the girls, and a pill cutter ( have you seen these gadgets?!!) and now the pill is cut into 4 "almost even" pieces (it's hard to get them all totally halved and quartered at the same spot every time, )
Charissa says she does feel differently when she takes the Cortef as a pill form rather than the  syrupy sweet Cortef suspension... I image she does miss the sweetener, whatever it may be. I'm still using the suspension, but inbetween syrupy doses I sneak in a pre-cut pill, and they both seem to manage just fine.
tune in to the next Drama as it Unfolds.

So much meaning in so little words...

Posted on 22 August, 2011 at 22:07 Comments comments ()
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JULY 22-Update 2011

Posted on 22 July, 2011 at 17:04 Comments comments ()
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our new Statement for Gifts of Grace and Hope is
The girls are getting bigger, we had an incident where Charissa threw a ball for the dog and the dog was on a long yellow rope, the rope caught Katalyna on the back side of both knees. She was rope burned Severly on the left leg and minorly on the right. It was about  a week and a half ago, and I had to QUADRUPLE her medication, administer tylenol, and the she also took pennicillin by mouth. It was about 1/2 to 3/4 inches deep! I am still nursing it. I had to put bactroban on it , then a burn pad(it`s like a jelly pad) ,then a non-stick gauze pad, then wrap her leg 3 inches above the knee all the way down a couple inches below the knee with wrapping gauze.I continued her  4x`s dose of Cortef for all these days. It was the most awful sound to hear her cry and howl such a blood -curling scream when I changed the dressing. For the first few days it would stick to the healing wound.
 Poor  Hope Baby Girl! I cried for her as I knew how it felt-and it looked even worse. I hope the scars will heal, and it is on the back of the knee, so it won`t be noticed as much. Another thing was that she had to be bathed by hand, as I could not put her in the tub. her long beautiful brown/auburn hair was getting very dirty and greasy, and just yesterday night, I finally believed her wound had healed enough to put her in the tub. she`s fresh as a rose now.
The gauze and dressings were alot more expensive than I thought, with over $ 200 dollars for all the special nonstick pads, and wrapping gauze, and tape etc.. That`s why your donations are so important! for this was just the first incident, i am sure there are more to come -unfortunately- and band-aids are NOT covered by any medical plan. Nor is the gas, to go back and forth to town to get more of her LIFE-GIVING Cortef. We of course went through 4- times the regular amount, and needed refills 2wice!!
Just a note- Katalyna has been walking around with a cloth with the STRESS-FREE all soothing ODOR ANGEL scent on it, and she says`MMM GOOOD`
she really enjoys it , and she is very relaxed and calm. So Sweet Baby Hope.Its great to know an un-biased opinion of the ODOR ANGEL.It also does wonders in her baby garbage-bin in her room it blocks the diaper smell until I can get rid of it...when I want. ODOR Angel to the RESCUE!!
Charissa Grace is being a typical 4 yr old. every night at 7:00 I ring this old brass bell that I Have, and say SCHOOL TIME. she comes to the table and does numbers letters, coloring , and problem solving out of  a Diego Workbook. Then I stamp the top with a-Neater Please, A+, Great work, or a very good thinking- Stamp. She loves it!!! After all, school starts soon for her-September.  She is very excited, and I have taught her words like-FOCUS and Concentrate, so she can follow along at school, and hopefully do better by knowing how to Focus.
K. Hope 3yrs